OCOM Sales, inc.
OCOM Sales, Inc. was formed in 1998 as an independent manufacturer representation firm to sell commercial video, audio visual and security products. In 2005, OCOM became well known as a leading firm into the new IP market products, selling IP to video broadcast, digital signage, IPTV and IPCCTV. By 2008, IPCCTV began to separate from the market as a emerging technology poised for high volume growth.

OCOM Sales, Inc., was in position, with Megapixel camera’s and NVR software solutions, because we had studied the market, identified the key future trends, trained and retooled our knowledge from analog to IP, video integration to networks; and began to educate our customer base. Through leading knowledge of IP video into the Security industry, OCOM became recognized as a trailblazing rep firm who’s knowledge of product and market led them into the IP video revolution.

    Spring of 2011 OCOM Sales, Inc. - Rep, 'David Owen', was Awarded Arecont Vision -
Sales Rep of the year.
    Spring of 2012 OCOM Sales, Inc. - 'Team', was Awarded Arecont Vision -
Rep Firm of the year.

About the Employees

    David Owen is a 29 year veteran of the independent manufacturer rep business, having served many markets, AV, Security, Machine Vision, Digital Signage, Broadcast even Photography, and photo lab management.

    Mary Stevens has been with OCOM 20 years as an executive assistant, orders, contacts and company back office support.

    Tony Ramos joined OCOM in 2013 and has a background as Director of Security for Carson Perry Scott, 10 years in background check, serves on the Il. State Chiefs Police and 7 years providing Megapixel Video Surveillance solutions.

    Bill Huffman joined OCOM for security sales in N., Il., and Wi. in 2011. Bill has a 25 year background in industrial automation and PLC programming.

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